The Best Countries with Easy Visa Facilities for Pakistanis

Getting a Visa to enter a specific country or state is probably the most hectic part of a journey and requires enough wait and ample processing work. Being a Pakistani national, you might have to suffer the applying and waiting process for a visa before you book air tickets to your destination. Though there are many expert travel agents in Pakistan to guide you through the process, it’s a complex task. Unfortunately, Pakistan is still a developing country and has easy visa access to only 26 countries around the globe but there are some of the best countries with easy Visa facilities for Pakistanis and we’ll look into the list in this article.


What Are The Benefits Of Visa-Free Traveling?

Of course, there cannot be anything as great as travelling visa-free to other states. One of the major benefits is, you won’t have to disclose your confidential information to anyone involved in the process; just grab your passport and fly. Also, there is significant cost and time cutting and travelling on the go is possible.

For more visa-free travelling benefits and perks, you can have a conversation with the tour operators in Lahore or near you. Also, if you are planning your family trip, you can ask the tourism companies in Lahore to guide you about the easy visa tour destinations from Pakistan.

Top 5 Countries Offering Visa-Free Stay for Pakistanis

Though there are in total 26 countries, the hottest and best among all are;

1.      Trinidad and Tobago

Visa-free stay: 90 days

Trinidad and Tobago islands in the Caribbean region are probably the most nature-rich easy visa destination for Pakistanis with soothing beaches and forest reserves. It is located near Venezuela and offers rich Creole culture, intense cuisines, and amazing city life. If you are quite into music and carnivals and enjoy nature, you must consider visiting Port of Spain which is the capital of Trinidad.

You can consult the best travel agency for international tours around you to get more details about your trip to Trinidad and Tobago.

2.      Dominica

Visa-free stay: 180 days

Dominica is also in the Caribbean region and the country offers rich mountainous topography with beautiful landscapes and rich natures. This is why it is also one of the most beautiful easy visa destinations for Pakistanis. You can enjoy natural hot springs, gardens, and diverse rainforests in the region.

A Pakistan travel agency Lahore can help you decide the fare prices to make the right decision.   

3.      Vanuatu

Visa-free stay: 30 days

Vanuatu country is a part of the south pacific region and is famous for lively and adventurous recreational and tourist activities. You can enjoy Jungle Zipline Canopy Tour and swims with turtles.

4.      Montserrat

Visa-free stay: 180 days

Montserrat, the British overseas territory is also a part of the Caribbean region and possesses exotic tropical regions with black sand beaches, coral reefs, cliffs, and natural sightseeing. You can also experience a volcano observatory in the region and can stay there for up to 80 days.

5. Qatar

Visa-free stay: 30 days

One of the richest Gulf countries, Qatar is now open for tourists and offers easy visa access for Pakistani nationals. The only easy visa Gulf country for Pakistanis can offer remarkable beaches, deserts and dunes, and a taste of elite city life. Travel is also economic and can be managed on a tight budget.

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Other than these top 5 locations, Pakistani nationals can also visit Niue – the world’s smallest nation, the Cook Islands in the pacific region, Samoa – the tropical heaven, Palau – the collection of many islands in the Micronesian region, Mauritania on Africa’s Atlantic coast, Senegal in the African region, and Tanzania in the African region.

Top 5 Countries Offering Visa on Arrival for Pakistanis

Just as visa-free stays, visa on arrival is also a quite convenient option to save time and cost and the countries offering visa on arrival for Pakistani passport holders include;

1. Maldives

Visa validity: 30 days

Does the Maldives even need an introduction? And yes, it offers visas on arrival for Pakistani and cuts the hassle as well as the cost of the travelling. Featuring exotic beaches, romantic beachside hotels, and scenic views, this tropical region must be at the top of the travelling bucket list.

2.      Nepal

Visa validity: 30 days

Nepal, the landlocked country in the Himalayan region also offers visas on arrival to Pakistani nationals and is a great tourist destination. With rich religious and cultural values, amazing Himalayan landscapes, and temples, the country is a must-visit for bloggers and explorers.

3.      Seychelles

Visa validity: 90 days

Seychelles is an East African state that is known for its tropical regions, arrest animal habitats, scenic nature, and coral reef reserves. The giant Aldabra tortoises are also habitant in Seychelles. The tourist footfall is comparatively low and that is why is a great deal for your next trip.

4.      Cambodia

Visa validity: 90 days

Cambodia, the best mixture of Indian and Chinese cultural values, is also accessible with a visa on arrival. The state has lush plains with majestic rivers side by and amazing landscapes. You can explore plenty of traditional and cultural archaeological sites, temples, and royal palaces in the country.

5. Kenya

Visa validity: 90 days

The richest in East Africa, Kenya is famous for its awesome savannah, mountain ranges, lakes, wide fauna, rift valleys, and whatnot. In short, it is a must-visiting country that can offer a lot.

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Other countries that offer visas on arrival for the Pakistani passport holders include Cape Verde Islands – the horseshoe-shaped country, Guinea-Bissau – rich in wildlife, Madagascar – famous for islands, Rwanda – the country of forest national parks, Mozambique – known for mangrove-covered plains, Somalia – a mix of Arabian and African culture, Togo – located in the gulf of guinea, Uganda – the landlocked African country, Tuvalu – a commonwealth country, Timor-Leste – the youngest independent country, and Comoros – small yet gorgeous country.


The article concludes top 26 countries and territories that allow easy visa access to Pakistani passport holders. Some of them are allowing visa-free access whereas some others are offering visas on arrival. In both cases, you can save enough time, money, and effort. The package price for every destination mentioned above is different and you can consult with the top travel agents in Pakistan to gather real-time information before deciding. For this, you can trust Litso Travel and Tours, a renowned travel agency in Pakistan working to improve Europe tour packages from Pakistan. It is one of the best travel agencies in Pakistan where you can find exclusive deals for solo, family, corporate, recreational, and group tours to different countries around the globe.

Choose wisely, travel safely. Happy Traveling!

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