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Traveling seems expensive but, take the words, it is all worth it even if you are just holidaying. Experiencing different cultures, tasting different cuisines, getting a 360-degree view of different lifestyles, and getting to live in places way different than your homeland are experiences that you will cherish in your old days. I, Malik Aun Abbas, have visited some 40+ countries in the last 5 years and still feel like there is a lot I haven’t yet experienced. One piece of advice; plan your budgets and do travel around the globe; you’ll cherish it always. And for this, all you need is a good travel companion to guide you through. With LITSO, we are doing nothing but serving as best-competitive services as possible to ensure you travel safe!

The Best Travel Agency In Lahore, Pakistan

Your Key To Travel Safe And AffordableThey say ‘Travel is the only thing that you buy and makes you richer’ – And to assist you with the best traveling services in all concerns, Litso Travel And Tours is here with all its expertise. With a team of domestic and international travel experts, we are one of the top travel agencies in Lahore. 

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Being a full-service the best travel agency in Lahore Pakistan, we understand the responsibility of catering to our customers with the best traveling solutions. And for that, we strive for nothing but the best. Being a registered travel company by the Government of Pakistan, we are keen to assist you with visa processing, accommodation, cheap and reliable tour plans, exclusive travel packages, richest-possible travel itineraries, guidance, assistance, bookings, transportation, and whatnot. Just tell us about your destination and budget, and our tour expert will come up with the best for you.

A Succeeding Travel Agency In Lahore

At Litso, we believe in “Life ITServe Others,” keeping the motto alive. We believe that customer satisfaction and happiness are beyond business and profits. Currently functional from Gulberg Lahore, we are making business expansions to Baku and New Zealand as well.

You can trust the services for affordability and reliability. With a travel history to more than 50 countries, we are armed to guide you with the best possible travel solutions. From Japan to the USA, and from North to South, reach your destination comfortably with us. Suppose you are confused regarding visa processings, covid traveling conditions, economical flights, layover flights, transitions, or anything. In that case, we can guide you with the easiest way out, and, sticking to our motto, we don’t charge for consultancies.

Litso, We are on our way to being the best travel agency in Lahore! Is Keen To See Pakistan As A Top-Rated Tourism Destination One Day – And Together, We Can Make It!.


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Pakistan is growing and expanding its wings in global tourism, and we cannot be proud enough to be a part of Pakistan’s leading independent travel agencies. Thanks to the trust of our regular and honorable customers, we are succeeding with every step we take. We are getting closer to achieving the dream of seeing Pakistan as a safe tourism destination for the world every day.

With an impressive international travel history, Litso has built its trade relationships with hotel wholesalers, leading airlines, specialist airfare consolidators, and major tour operators. As a result, we proudly and confidently offer the most reliable traveling solutions to our dear customers. We make happy clients and end up growing our Litso family even more prominent!

Major Areas LITSO Is Working In

Domestic Tours From Hunza, Kalam, Swat, Kashmir, and Naran to Balochistan and Punjab, travel anywhere without any hassles. Get in touch with the best travel agency in Lahore Pakistan, and know everything regarding weather and traveling conditions to plan a safe journey as it’s always better to book with experts rather than facing on-road difficulties with family and friends.

Corporate Conferences And Meetings

We, at LITSO, are heartily serving the medical and corporate businesses and assisting them with their meetings and conferences. If you have to plan any local or international CME or want assistance regarding meetings, discussions, and dinner bookings, feel free to contact our experts. Having experience of many years, we can treat your precious guests with the best hospitality!

Outbound Tourism 

  •   International Tours – Litso has been a part of the global tourism market for years. We have arranged international tour packages from Pakistan to many European, Middle East, and Gulf countries at competitive market rates. Keeping up with the glory, we book honeymoon packages, international tour packages, and others with complete expertise.

Inbound Tourism

  •   Sikh Tourism To Pakistan – We are trying our best to serve Pakistan Tourism; we are always keen to find opportunities for inbound tourism. Sikh Tourism to Pakistan is one of our many projects, and we heartily invite Sikh pilgrims or tourists to visit Pakistan every year.


  •   Hajj Umrah Packages – Litso, the best Umrah travel company in Lahore, is keen to provide realistic Umrah services. You can book for 7 days, 15 days, or 21 days Umrah package and travel alone, with your family, or with groups. You can also check the Umrah Package from Pakistan Price 2022 to know the recent deals.
  •  Foreigners Inbound Tourism – Litso Travel and Tours is a registered company that invites and welcomes foreign tourists to Pakistan. We exclusively cover everything from hotel to hotel, including security, accommodations, food, bookings, and sightseeing.



Visa processing can be a complex job, especially without expert consultation. As Litso has widespread expertise, we have expert visa agents to offer you the most compatible processing.


If you are in Europe or going soon and want to visit Europe by train, you can contact us for Eurail passes. We also provide services for cruise bookings and entry tickets at other tourist attraction spots.


Get the best ticketing deals with our experts and fly without any complications. Litso, the international travel agency in Lahore, Pakistan, is here to assist you with flight issues.


We understand a pre-made tour itinerary can’t fit everyone’s requirement, that’s why we offer tailor-made packages. These are bespoke adventure packages that you can alter and tailor as per your wishes and plans. Spend your special holidays the way you want!


We are offering the best top-rated travel insurance plans at affordable rates. You can contact us for any traveling insurance and can get free online quotes. With our award-winning customer service, we also deal with insurance for pandemic travel.


From International business class flights to local transportation and guides, you can ask Litso for anything, and we will come up with the best for you. Just dial the travel agency in Lahore’s phone number and leave the rest to us.

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