Turkey Tourist Attractions For Mystery And Ghost Lovers

If you ask someone where they want to go for vacation – the answer would be ‘Turkey’ majorly. But why is it so? That’s because Turkey is a country of so many fascinations and attractions – from romantic mornings to captivating street nights, it packs everything a person would need for a stress-relieving vacation. 

Though Turkey’s tourist attractions are quite famous, does it pack something for mystery and ghost lovers? Luckily, it surely does. If you are more of a person who loves solving the riddles, listening to the mysterious stories on a silent and spooky night, and visiting haunted spaces – Turkey can be your cup of tea. 

Haven’t heard about Turkey’s tourist attractions for mystery and ghost lovers? Well, the article summarizes some of the must-visit spooky turkey tourist attractions and Kayakoy is top of the list. Let’s have an overview; 

Kayakoy – Turkey’s Largest Ghost Town

Kayakoy ghost town is located between the busy and renowned resorts of Fethiye and Olu Deniz. It’s abandoned and lifeless, the homes are falling apart, and the streets have no footfall.

Litso Travels Turkey tour packages from Pakistan cross Fethiye en-route – that means you can get a chance to have a deeper look into the Kayakoy city. 

 Turkey ghost tourist attractions
Kayakoy – The major ghost town of Turkey

However, there is an aura and a powerful presence that pervades the community. Some visitors may not be aware of it, but some others can instantly click the surreal presences. 

Kayakoy Village – Around The Turn Of The 19th Century

Dating to the fourteenth century, Kayakoy, at that point called Levissi, was previously a flourishing local area where Christians and Muslims resided in agreement. With the finish of the Greco–Turkish War in October of 1922, a constrained populace trade occurred. 

The Greek Christians who lived in Kayakoy had to resettle in Greece (for the most part around Athens) and desert their beautiful houses and chapels. The Turks who lived in Greece were needed to get back to Turkey, yet they would not like to get comfortable with Kayakoy because they discovered it excessively distant. So they went somewhere else. 

Thus, since 1923, the structures of Kayakoy have been deserted. Broken entryways and windows, fallen-in rooftops, and void places of worship make for a tragic and spooky sight. If you visit Fethiye, you shouldn’t miss a look at this spellbinding phantom town.

Toward the start of the nineteenth century, Kayakoy was in full flow. Schools, holy places, shops, and businesses worked in amiability and life was acceptable. The town was flourishing as a local area. 

The wind and most significant piece of its set of experiences lie in the way that inside the town, Greeks and Turks lived next to each other. The Greeks called the town Levissi while the Turks called it Kayakoy.  

Outside their religions and tutoring, the Greeks and Turks incorporated one another, having the very shared objective and that was to overcome life each day in turn.

Burj Al Babas – Kayakoy’s Spooky Castle Town 

Found somewhere between Istanbul and Ankara in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, close to the notable town of Mudurnu, Burj Al Babas isn’t exceptionally old. In 2014, the Turkish property designer Sarot Property Group started a goal-oriented venture: the development of a sum of 732 sumptuous Disneyland-style palaces, in addition to recreation, focuses, shops, and Turkish showers. 


 Turkey Castles In Burj Al Babas, Kayakoy

The organization went through some $200 million on the venture, and it got ready for each palace to sell for somewhere in the range of $400,000 and $500,000. The engineers wanted to draw in rich Middle Eastern purchasers who’d be keen on possessing their palaces in a heartfelt setting. 

They additionally needed to draw in guests, monetary benefit, and thoughtfulness regarding this piece of the country. At last, 583 palaces were finished, and a couple was sold, albeit numerous purchasers pulled out. 

In any case, the Turkish lira dove in esteem when the economy went downhill. Incapable of reimbursement in its weighty credits, Sarot failed in 2018, and the venture was deserted, bringing about the world’s biggest and most costly phantom town. 

Guests say that albeit a large number of the palaces look total from an external perspective, they are incomplete within. You’d believe that the workers just dropped their instruments and left. After that, the work on the amusement settings rarely began.

Kayakoy Village – Present Situation

The ghost village is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Fethiye and the nearby resorts. A few people sell food and trinkets to visitors, and there are some occupied buildings distant from the main cluster of abandoned residences on the hill.

horse riding in Kayakoy
Tourist Horse Riding Through The Kayakoy Town

UNESCO designated Kayakoy as an international friendship and peaceful town to move forward from the past. Walking around the town is enjoyable, but you will appreciate it more if you do some study ahead.

Tours and Getting There

Many trips depart from Olu Deniz and Fethiye to the location, but not every trip is worth the money and time – that’s because people usually don’t feel much satisfaction with the guide’s history knowledge and time management. Also, frequent local buses leave from Fethiye every 10 minutes to take the visitors to this location but again, the visit goes blind without a proper guide. 

That’s where Litso stands differently – our tour guides are well-trained and armed with history to spice up the taste of every location we visit. Want to know the details? Get in touch with our sales representative now! 

well, the story doesn’t end here – there are numerous other spooky haunted places in Turkey for the curious ghost hunters and mystery lovers; 

Some Other Mysterious And Haunted Turkey Tourist Attractions 

Turkey is perhaps the most lovely and antiquated spot on the planet with the associations from old Greece, Persia, and Rome. The historical backdrop of this nation is tremendous and the nation is home to the absolute generally antiquated and verifiable landmarks which draw in a ton of travelers consistently. 

With regards to the landmarks and spots to visit in Turkey, there are a few places that have been proclaimed frequently for quite a while – individuals who feel weak at the knees over such places visit them from across the world. Here goes the list;

Bakırpaşa Mansion

 Located at the corner of vankulu Sokak and Incirlik Caddesi, this is an old spooky chateau that offers a hair bringing experience as the structure is extremely old and in part, harmful. Visiting the location on a hazy night can scare out your soul. The neighborhood says that this structure gets vanished for one day in the entire year. 

Bakırpaşa Mansion, Turkey

On the off chance that you need to encounter the sensation of the apparition, it is recommended to visit after 11:00 pm in the hazy evening. These harrowing tales depend on obvious stories and spooky encounters.

Cemil Molla Mansion

This ghosted spot in Turkey is particularly popular for its spooky experience as numerous individuals guarantee to see apparitions around this structure. The rebuilding of this house was deferred a few times because the laborers refused to work here. They claimed that they have seen phantoms wandering in this structure which may be hurtful and is unnerving. 

Cemil Molla Mansion, Turkey

Individuals say that during the reclamation, one of the specialists lost his discourse since he saw the spooky apparition at the functioning spot. This haunted rate will truly give you a juice of ghastliness. This house was reestablished later with the assistance of some fearless specialists.

Sariyer, Istanbul 34470, Turkey

It was inherited in 1911, the chateau is worked with red blocks and an enormous glass impeccable window situated at the European shore. The famous name of the mansion is Perili Kosk which implies “The spooky manor” in Turkish. The development of this spot remains mostly incomplete for quite a while because of the tales told by the laborers. They claimed to see the late Ottoman Pasha Yusuf Ziya wandering in the mansion. Even today, people can likewise hear the weak piano playing inside.  

, Istanbul 34470, Turkey | Baltalimani Hisar Street, Perili Kosk No:5

Sumela Monastery

The historical backdrop of the Sumela Monastery is exceptionally fascinating and dynamic. Situated on the Black Sea Coast of Turkey, the religious community was home to Greek Orthodox Monks for more than many years. On a hazy and melancholy day, the cloister looks dubious and frequented without a doubt. On the off chance that local people of this religious community are accepted, the encompassing region is spooky by the phantom of the priests who lived here before.


Altındere Mahallesi, Altındere Vadisi, 61750 Maçka/Trabzon, Turkey

 Prinkipo Greek Orthodox Orphanage

Turkey is likewise home to the remains of one of Europe’s biggest wooden structures, the Prinkipo Greek Orthodox Orphanage, which has been deserted since 1964. Situated on a peak on Buyukada, one of the Princes’ Islands, the enormous wooden construction was implicit in 1823 as a lavish lodging and club. 

Prinkipo Orphanage – Europe’s Largest Wooden Building

However, Sultan Abdul Hamid II was an extremely strict man and restricted the club. It was then obtained by a Greek humanitarian who changed the structure into a halfway house. It worked as such until 1964 when it was shut and deserted. 

On the off chance that you visit the Princes’ Islands, make a diversion to Buyukada and take a gander at the doorless and austere wooden castle. You’ll end up contemplating whether it very well may be spooky!

Can I Travel To These Places On My Next Tour To Turkey?

Sadly, turkey travel packages don’t include these locations in their itineraries – they usually prefer traveling on a general route that includes Cappadocia, Fethiye, Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. Max, you can request your travel agent to visit Kayakoy en route. 

But you don’t need to compromise on something that attracts you the most – you can check Litso Travels’ the best travel agency in Pakistan provides turkey travel packages to check for compatibility. Moreover, there’s always room for custom packages – tell us what you want to do on your next tour to Turkey and we will design the best itinerary for you!  

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