9+ Best Instagram Story Scheduling Apps For Free 2023

Your Instagram feed is an extension of your life, and it’s important to schedule posts so you don’t miss anything. Fortunately, there are a lot of great apps that make scheduling ridiculously easy. These 9++ best Instagram story-scheduling Apps for free will save your time and hassle when posting on this essential social media site.

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Why are Instagram Stories important for your Business?

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Instagram may be the best way for your business to grow its audience. It not only helps you know what they like, but also allows them to share their opinions and create a dialogue with one another all in an easy-to-use format that encourages interaction while growing followers’ engagement.

This way, you can create products that meet the needs of your audience’s interests. The “Ask Anything” section on Instagram Stories is a great tool to use for this as it will allow them to ask questions and get answers about your brand or business from you directly.

Instagram has enabled a new way of marketing for small businesses. While it is often difficult to get your company’s name out there, Instagram Stories give you the opportunity to share information about and sell products through short videos that can be watched in their entirety or skipped at any time. 

You may also utilize this feature if you want customers who have already found your account on social media platforms but do not follow them back yet – they will receive an alert from Instagram when they are following someone after clicking “Swipe up.”

Why do you need Instagram Story Scheduling apps?

Instagram Story Scheduling apps are an integral part of any business. There are numerous benefits of Instagram Scheduling apps because these allow you to manage lots of things automatically.

  • These make everything more accessible, from your publishing to selecting the captions.
  • Scheduling app makes your burden less of sharing stories and posts consistently because it allows you to select the specific date and time for your posts and stories to share according to your convenience.
  • Instagram Scheduling apps help to grow your business and your followers because the audience gets interacted. 
  • Sharing stories on Instagram is a great way to gather information from the audience.
  • These apps let your photos have the same filters and captions.
  • Instagram Scheduling apps also help to find better captions for your stories and posts.

Benefits of Schedule Instagram stories

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People with busy schedules often struggle to keep up on social media, but the instagram story scheduling apps make it a piece of cake. There are many benefits of these Scheduling Instagram Stories that will give you a clear concept of why you need to Schedule Instagram Stories.

  • One of the most effective is scheduling Instagram Stories ahead of time so you don’t need to worry about what your next post should be at 2am when you’re craving sleep and have an early meeting tomorrow morning.
  • By planning your stories, it will help you to increase your Business and followers.
  • It allows you to make your publishing easier. 
  • You can create a balance between your stories.
  • Encourage the audience to get engaged and to ask questions regarding your brand and products.
  • You can increase the traffic of your website by sharing your products on your stories.

What are Instagram Story Scheduling Apps (tools)?

There are many Instagram story scheduling tools that exist today, some of them being premium and others free. You can use these apps to plan your stories in order to save time.

While also engaging with the audience through different features available on Instagram Stories such as stickers, geolocation posts or location tags for places you’re visiting. Some popular Insta Story Scheduling Apps include:


Smarter queue





Combin scheduler



Sked social



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SocialBu is a free app that makes it easy to manage your social media account. It’s like having an extra set of hands working for you.

SocialMedia-Buddy (or Social Bu) grants users the ability to automate their posts and schedule messages across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and more.


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They provide the premium versions of the SocialBu tool, starting from $6.7 to $49.2. They also provide a free trial of 14 days for SocialBu.

Features of SocialBu

  • SocialBu is a unique tool which saves your time by scheduling posts and messages. 
  • You can also track all the social media accounts using this app because you don’t need to switch between them. 
  • This planner provides detailed information about each of your account’s data, including how many followers you have in total, how often people post on it every day or week.
  • Also it will informs you when they are most active online so that you know what times will be best for publishing content there.
  • SocialBu not only helps save energy but also boosts efficiency due to its convenience features like automatic posting options where users just set up their desired frequency and periodicity.

Reviews and Ratings

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SmarterQueue is an essential social media scheduling tool that helps entrepreneurs, content creators and marketers to grow their business with its technology and capabilities. It’s an intelligent scheduling tool that enables scheduling automation. 

Queues power SmarterQueue, and it provides posting schedules, visual calendars, content variations and categories. It also consists of advanced analytics and content assistant.

It is best for personal brands, freelancer social media marketers and for agencies that are independent and small.

SmarterQueue Pricing

SmarterQueue pricing starts from $16.99 per month and features. There’s no free version of this tool, and it just offers a free trial. 

There are a few free tools to use, such as social reports and top nine photos to post of yours.

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Features of SmarterQueue

  • This software allows you to manage your content and engage with customers in a much easier way. 
  • You can schedule posts, monitor competitors’ social media accounts. 
  • It can save your precious time by managing everything from one place.
  • It’s the best tool for those who want to stay active on social media channels without sacrificing quality or quantity.
  • It not only monitors competitors and provides analytics on their content but also schedules posts.

SmarterQueue Ratings & Reviews

Image Source: (https://www.g2.com/products/smarterqueue/reviews)


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Panoply helps the users to schedule their posts and stories easily. As it is the partner of Instagram and Pinterest, so it is safe to use. It allows the users to manage their posts and content visually before posting it on Instagram.


It has a free version and provides just two profiles, the one is of Instagram, and the second one is Pinterest. It allows you to upload 30 files per profile, and you can invite one member from your team to manage the account. In simple words, just one user is allowed.

It has also paid versions which are starting from $7 to $23

Image Source: (https://www.planoly.com/pricing

Features of Panoly

  • With Panoply, you can create and customize your social content. 
  • With more than 100 templates to choose from, there’s something for every occasion.
  • You’ll never have an excuse not to post again with the favorite feature that allows easy access through a drop-down menu of all previously saved layouts. 
  • If mobile is your thing – don’t worry because it has responsive design. So no matter what device or screen size you’re on it will be just as good looking as when viewed desktop or laptop screens. 


Image Source:(https://www.g2.com/products/planoly/reviews?utf8=✓&filters%5Bkeyphrases%5D=&order=g2_default&filters%5Bcomment_answer_values%5D=


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Later is for the top social networks, and it is all in one social marketing platform. It helps the users to publish, plan and analyze their content in just a few clicks and through this fantastic tool, you can save your time and grow your Business and career.

You can create your account on the Later website for free.


A free version of Later permits you to publish 30 posts per your social media profile, and it allows one user to invite and manage the account.

Later has a few premium plans as well, starting from $15 to $40 per month.

Image Source: (https://later.com/pricing/

Features of Later

  • Later has a set of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc., which you can use in accordance with your needs. 
  • One great thing about this mobile application is that it provides us visual planners so you don’t have to scroll through our phone screens looking at different photos or videos.
  • The calendar feature also allows users choose what days they want certain posts up because not everyone likes having content posted all over the place – some like spacing things out weekly/daily or monthly depending upon one’s preference. 
  • The Later Schedule tool additionally offers suggestions for hashtags if needed while tagging services help keep track of those pesky friends.

Reviews and Ratings

Image Source: (https://www.g2.com/products/later/reviews


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It is a scheduling tool that manages the social media accounts for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is an effective way to schedule and organize content with the feature of automated publishing.


Image Source: (https://meetedgar.com/pricing/

MeetEdgar has no free version of it, and it provides a free trial of 7 days. They provide the premium versions of MeetEdgar, which are starting from $19 to $49.

Features of MeetEdgar

  • MeetEdgar is a social media management dashboard that saves your time by refreshing and posting on autopilot. 
  • It provides evergreen recycling, which makes it easy to use as well as allowing the user to schedule posts according their specific categories with ease. 
  • The stats dashboard of MeetEdger also enables users to know what’s working best for them in order for them an easily maintain high engagement rates across all platforms of Social Media.
  • Meet Edgar will automatically fill any gaps there may be from lack of content or trending topics outgrowing traditional publishing tactics.

Reviews and Ratings

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Hootsuite is one of the best scheduling tools for entrepreneurs and small to most prominent businesses. It allows the user to build his brand, to strengthen connections with the customers, and it also helps to drive the business results. Users can schedule their stories and posts quickly.


Image Source: (https://www.hootsuite.com/plans

Hootsuite provides a 30-day free trial, and it has a few paid plans that start from $19 to $599 per month with some additional features.

Features of Hootsuite

  • Hootsuite  is the one platform that saves your time and frustration by managing your social media accounts. 
  • It’s quick, straightforward to use with automation publishing features for Instagram scheduling tools so that posts are published in just one click.
  • You can do more in less time while still engaging a larger audience on all of your platforms simultaneously. 
  • This powerful system also assists entrepreneurs looking into what customers think about them and monitor trends among other things such as engagement rates or follower counts. It It also gives users access to crucial data they need when running any successful business.

Reviews and Ratings

Image Source: (https://www.g2.com/products/hootsuite/reviews

Combin Scheduler

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Combin Scheduler is a tool that permits you and helps you to post your content instantly and plans your posts to share in future consistently. This tool supports Windows, mac and other platforms. The users can schedule their stories and posts, and they can also create their beautiful feed. It is best for small to medium-sized businesses and individual ones.

Combin Pricing

There are premium versions as well, but they provide a free version with lots of features to use.

Image Source: (https://www.combin.com/pricing/)

Features of Combin scheduler

  • Combin Scheduler is a powerful tool that enables the users to schedule their posts on Instagram. 
  • The user can generate hashtags and mentions account names in the post, so it saves time for publishing them later. 
  • Combining images into grids with different styles are also available and possible within this application; making scheduling as easy as it could be.

Reviews of Combin Scheduling tool

Image Source:(https://howsociable.com/reviews/combin-scheduler-review/


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Loomly is a brand success platform that allows users to polish their content through post-optimization suggestions. This tool is available as a web page and an available application for android and IOS users. It helps to measure the performance with advanced analytics.


Loomly allows you for your 15 days free trial, and the premium plans start from $25 to $249 per year with different advanced features. And monthly plans are also available, which are starting from $34 to $332 per month.

Image Source: (https://www.loomly.com/pricing

Image Source: (https://www.loomly.com/pricing

Features of Loomly

  • Loomly gives you the ability to take your social media accounts and manage them all in one place. 
  • Loomly also lets it’s users post automatically without having any need for manual input, but if that isn’t enough then this tool can create an outstanding ad campaign with ease. 
  • It engages and interacts with its audience so they want to come back again next time.
  • Users of Loomly will have access on optimization suggestions from a built-in algorithm which analyzes posts in realtime.
  • The best feature is their custom calendar planning function where user can explore different events happening around them or even plan ahead by booking holidays days off work etc. 

Reviews and Ratings

Image Source: (https://www.g2.com/products/loomly/reviews


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A tailwind is a complete tool for Instagram and Pinterest, and it is mainly for bloggers to schedule their posts and stories. It allows users to discover content, schedule the posts at the best time, measure results and monitor the conversations.


Image Source: (https://www.tailwindapp.com/pricing-overview?ver=2

Similarly, other tools of Instagram Scheduling also provide a free trial. It does not have an accessible version of it. Premium plans are starting from $9 to $39.

Features of Tailwind

  • Tailwind is a social media planning tool that gives hashtag analytics, content calendars, and monitoring tools.
  • It’s also customizable for your individual needs with mechanical designs optimized to fit the most popular platforms: Instagram Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Tailwind helps you track keywords in order to find what works best for you as well providing personalized intelligent schedules tailored specifically for each user based on their preferences.

Reviews and Ratings

Image Source: (https://www.g2.com/products/tailwind/reviews

Sked social

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Sked Social is an all in all social media marketing platform for businesses, brands and agencies. It helps users create, store, find, and use all your social media marketing content online. Sked Social is the only platform the users need to create, plan and publish their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter posts online.


Image Source: (https://skedsocial.com/pricing/

Sked social provides a seven days free trial. Some paid plans are available for Sked Social, starting from $25 to $135 with advanced features.

Features of Sked Social

  • Sked Social is a social media scheduling service that allows users to schedule content across various platforms. 
  • Sked Social automatically posts the user’s newest Instagram photos with tags, hashtags and locations at optimal times for engagement.
  • it also offers analytics so you can measure your audience’s response to each post on individual channels or as an aggregate feed. 
  • And best of all: It does all this without having any effect on what days/times you’re actually active.

Reviews and Ratings

Image Source: (https://www.g2.com/products/sked-social/reviews


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Buffer is a platform and complete toolkit which lets you focus on what you like for your Business. It is a social media management platform that brands, businesses and agencies trust because it provides meaningful engagement and results on social media. 

It helps in engagement, publishing and analytics. Buffer is not just a reliable tool; and it is a team of real people.


Image Source: (https://buffer.com/pricing

The premium version starts from $5 per month and provides a free trial of 14 days. You can create your free account and can use this tool with basic features.

Features of Buffer

  • With this application, you can measure your social media success in just a few clicks. 
  • It helps to collaborate and plan campaigns by providing analytics about the content that is being published on your page for others to see. 
  • This tool also responds quickly when comments are made so you’ll be able to engage with your audience from anywhere at any time.
  • With its library of graphics and calendar features, there’s no limit as far as creativity goes either-helpful if you’re running out of ideas or want something new added into the mix.

Reviews and Ratings

Image Source: (https://www.g2.com/products/buffer/reviews

Which Instagram Story Scheduler is the best one?

Combin scheduler is on the top recommendation because first of all it is free, it also provides the feature of image editing. It provides hashtags, taggings and location tags as well. It allows you to publish 3 Instagram posts and 15 stories per week in its free version. It’s easy to plan and publish your content.

Comparisons of Instagram Story Scheduling tools


These Instagram stories schedulers like Later, SocialBu, Sked Social and etc will not just save your time, it will also publish your posts automatically. All scheduling apps have some similar and a few different features but these all will help you to monitor all your social media accounts and to generate the hashtags.

Now you can easily schedule your posts and stories by using these apps which are easy to use and you can plan in just one click. Everyone wants to grow his business and career, Instagram stories are the best way to grow your business through using Instagram features and these scheduling apps, mentioned above.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Visit the websites of one of your favourite and suitable tools or you can install the application in your phones too. Schedule your Instagram stories through these amazing tools which are just one click away.

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