Turkey Tour With Kids – Best Places To Visit In Turkey With Family

Whether you are traveling with small children or young teenagers, Turkey has many things to do and places to visit for those looking for the ideal family vacation. There are numerous activities to do on your upcoming Turkey tour with kids, so once you’ve set the dates for the ideal family vacation, it’s time to plan the minor details that will make it all come together. 

We’ve all been there; we all know how difficult it is to travel with toddlers, especially when they’re just a few years old. As a result, a two-hour tour of a historical place would not hold their attention and would not allow parents to fully enjoy it. However, combining items that everyone in the group appreciates will make all the difference. 

Turkey, with its crystal clean coasts, fascinating towns, hikes, camping, and many other activities, provides all you need to enhance family relations. Let’s see what it packs for families; 

Istanbul – Best Starter To Enjoy Turkey Tour With Kids

Istanbul, which is well-connected with many countries, is simple to reach and offers a plethora of family-friendly activities. The city has a population of over 20 million people, with toddlers accounting for 10% of the total, while the overall number of children is close to 4 million.

Istanbul – The Heart Of Turkey – Where Asia Meets Europe
Visit Turkey With Kids - Turkey-Tour-With-Kids
Shopping In Turkey’s Largest Bazar

Istanbul, which is well-connected with many countries, is simple to reach and offers a plethora of family-friendly activities. The city has a population of over 20 million people, with toddlers accounting for 10% of the total, while the overall number of children is close to 4 million.

Each region of Istanbul has its mystery, with its 2500 years of history, distinct nature, bustling nightlife, gastronomy, culture, and many other qualities.

Istanbul is a remarkable city that combines two continents: Asia and Europe. You may appreciate the splendor of the Bosphorus boat trip by crossing the waterways that separate Asia and Europe.

Visit The Major Amazing Landmark

Make your upcoming Turkey Tour With Kids ‘the best by starting with the best landmarks in the city. Despite the city’s age, numerous remnants may still be found in Istanbul. The most renowned sites include the Hagia Sophia tour, the Ottoman Sultans’ house – Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque excursion with its blue ceramics, and the Grand Marketplace, the world’s largest covered bazaar.

There are several shopping malls in Istanbul where you may buy whatever you need. Aside from these malls, when visiting Istanbul, you should also visit district bazaars, street shopping in Istanbul, and the renowned Grand Bazaar shopping tour and Spice Bazaar.

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Go For Rahmi Koc Museum

The museum was founded in 1994 in Istanbul by Rahmi Koc, a member of one of the country’s wealthiest and most recognized families. It is dedicated to the history of transportation, industry, and communications. The industrial museum is more of a “boys” museum, with a fantastic collection of trains, automobiles, boats, buses, aircraft, engines, and even a WWII-era submarine that you can enter for a fee.

Rahmi Koc Museum, Istanbul – Turkey

If you follow the event schedule and sign up for one, it also contains a session for children. The boys, and girls too, are going to have great fun over there. That might be a magical evening for your auto-loving children. 

Bosphorus Cruise Is A Must

Almost any child enjoys being on a boat, and if it is in Istanbul, it is a double-bonus! A beautiful comfortable trip along with the historical sites and waterside villas on a private motor-yacht, soft drink, tea-coffee, and fruit plate or cookie service, and if the sea traffic is low, your children may be the captain for a few minutes (they love it).

Don’t forget to get some Turkish bagels (simit), since you’ll need a lot for the seagulls that will be following you on your journey.

Legoland Theme Park Is Love For Kids

Istanbul Theme Park, together with 26 other places throughout the world, contains almost 5 million bricks. Aside from building and learning activities, Legoland has a stunning Istanbul-themed mini-park, a 4-D theatre, kingdom quest, creative workshops, a factory tour, and a variety of other enjoyable activities.

Turkey Tour With Kids
Legoland Theme Park – Istanbul-Themed Mini Lego Park

It is better to arrive early by reserving an online ticket, as it may be rather crowded, especially on weekends and public holidays.

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Istanbul Toy Museum Can Als Be A Great Deal

The museum was founded in 2005 by Turkish poet Mr. Sunay Akin and houses an amazing collection of 4000 works. It is an excellent call for children aged 6 to 18 and parents who are interested in learning about the history of many civilizations beginning in the 1860s.

Places To Visit In Turkey With Family And Kids
Istanbul Toy Museum Can Also Be A Treat For Your Kids

This museum is located on Istanbul’s Asian side and is an excellent en-route stop whether you want to see the Asian side or are on your way to catch a late afternoon flight from Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) Airport.

Princes’ Islands Is Another Nice Option

If you have a lot of free time or a day off and aren’t sure what to do with it, Prince’s Islands can be a nice option where you can also get away from the rush and bustle of Istanbul. After a 90-minute boat voyage to Buyukada, you may enjoy wandering around the island (about a 4km circuit), renting bicycles or tandems, and swimming (which is pretty fun for kids). Go spend the day in a good hotel with an outdoor pool. 

After breakfast, the next morning, head down to the ferry port and enjoy the voyage back to the city Centre.

Basilica Cistern – Ancient Cisterns Beneath The City

Cisterna Basilica – The Largest Ancient Cisterns Beneath The Istanbul City

Among other subterranean cisterns in Istanbul, this one includes Medusa heads on the columns and may appeal to your adolescents if they are particularly interested in Mythology. Inform them that you are on your way below to view a sea of columns within one of the oldest cisterns.

Istanbul Aquarium – A Memorable Encounter

Children often like animals, and nothing inspires them more than being near to and connected to nature. Istanbul Aquarium, which is home to about 1500 species of 17,000 land and marine creatures from the Black Sea to the Pacifics, will wow you with how it is created concerning the theme it gives from the Black Sea to the Pacifics.

The Places Kids Would Love To Visit In Turkey
Istanbul Aquarium – Home To Around 1500 Species

This world’s largest theme aquarium may need a whole day of exploration. The creative technology employed in each segment will captivate your children, who will enjoy the rain forest, interactive games, movies, and other visual visuals.

Vialand (Istanbul) Theme Park

If you have young children and a free day that you don’t know what to do with, this might be an option for half of that day while there are attractions for younger kids owing to space limits (mostly 120 cm height).

Vialand Theme Park – Turkey’s Disneyland

Despite being pretty boring, the theme park remains a favorite among families searching for a large shopping mall and something exciting for the kids at the same time.

Cappadocia – The Land Of Fairy Towers Is A Must-See

When youngsters hear “experience” and discover that the experience incorporates tourist balloons, nothing can beat Cappadocia! After landing, seeing the frigid pinnacle of Erciyes (if you are visiting in winter, you should seriously mull over getting a charge out of an entire day of skiing there too), following an hour’s drive, you will register to your family-accommodating cavern inn and rest. The following morning, watching this stunning scene from the tourist balloon (age limit: 6) will be the best beginning, yet there is significantly more to do today.

Cappadocia – The City Of Hot Air Balloons

After breakfast, descend for 4 or 6 levels in an underground city cave, attempting to comprehend the fairy chimney rock formations, participate in a pottery-making session, do some brief trekking in some of the nicest valleys, or ride the same trail on a horse, among other activities. 

Aside from the educational value of its millions of years of history, this is a dream destination for children. While they will appreciate the serene, pollution-free atmosphere after Istanbul, their brains will be kept occupied with geography-related fantasies.

Hot Air Ballooning

For some guests, going for an early morning sight-seeing balloon ride in Cappadocia is one of Turkey’s best features. In the high season, more than 100 tourist balloons take to the skies soon after dawn and give you bird’s-eye perspectives on the valleys and their stone arrangements. 

Sight-seeing balloon rides take around 60 minutes (with select bundles enduring around an hour and a half) and are accessible all year, assuming it doesn’t rain. 

Kaymakli Underground City

Cappadocia’s underground urban communities initially started to be etched out of the ground in the Bronze Age Hittite time, yet they are generally renowned for their initial Byzantine history (sixth and seventh hundreds of years) when the district’s Christians took to living underground for extensive stretches to escape from Arab and Persian trespassers. 

Kaymakli – Turkey’s Underground City

Kaymakli Underground City is Cappadocia’s biggest model, with a maze of rooms associated with burrows that stretches out for eight levels. Four of these levels can be investigated by guests.

Ihlara Valley

irha velly

The restricted, verdant valley at the lower part of this profound (100 meters) gorge in southwest Cappadocia is a nature sweetheart’s pleasure. Stitched in by tough, steep bluffs, Ihlara Valley is a rich Eden of tall poplar trees and ripe cultivating plots close to the jabbering Melendiz River, which runs for 14 kilometers from Ihlara town to Selime town.

Cirali Beach & Olympos – Best Places To Camp Around

If your gathering comprises young people keen on setting up camp in tents or treehouses, recruiting one around the old Lycian remains of Olympos may be one of the alternatives. 

Best Places To Visit In Turkey With Kids
Cirali Beach Sightseeing – Turkey

While the region is fairly mainstream among the radical explorers, there is a lavish inn just by the seashore and some family homes that are pretty sensibly estimated. The Chimera is another visit that can be reached with 40 minutes of climbing up the slope to see the everlasting blazes consuming for millennia.

Oludeniz – Go Hiking Along the Lycian Way

Investigating portions of the Lycian Way is an awesome method to absorb the wonderful perspectives on the Mediterranean gradually. Recorded as one of the world’s best 10 incredible strolls, the full path is around 540 km, requiring roughly 29 days from Oludeniz in Fethiye to Antalya. 

Turkey’s Best Tourist Attractions
Oludeniz – Where Luxury Meets Nature

It may not be reasonable to walk the whole length with the children, yet an abbreviated form, for example, the path around Oludeniz would be an extraordinary choice to practice for half-day and promptly toward the beginning of the day. The paths are waymarked and by and large, consisting of hard and stony ground.

In addition to the Lycian Way, Oludeniz has paragliding and a blue flag beach where you may participate in watersports.

Take Your Kids on a Fabulous Sea Kayaking Ride

Another famous family fun is to do ocean kayaking that is best done in an excellent Mediterranean town called Kas. Not exactly an hour’s drive away, either secretly or with a gathering, you can appreciate a full or half-day visit around the protected Sunken City of Lycia in Kekova. 

Natural Places To Visit In Turkey
Sea Kayaking Ride In Kas

Appreciating a mid-day break, you can take some excellent photographs from the Simena Castle worked by the Knights of Malta.

Because this is a one-day excursion, we recommend spending more than a day in this enthralling location. It is also one of the greatest sites in the world for scuba diving, hiking, biking, coasteering, standup paddleboarding (SUP), and other activities.

If you want to go to the beach, the famous Kaputas beach is nearby, since most of the hotels in Kas are constructed on a platform by the sea, and if you have little children, you might choose Kaputas.

Bodrum – A Fantastic Family Vacation Destination

Halicarnassus, as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, is pure fancy for those looking for a better summer holiday. Bodrum boasts several family activities, ranging from daily gulet rides to accommodations with a kids club and other amenities.

Turkey Hot Tourist Attractions in 2022
A Fantastic Destination With Many Blue Banner Sea Shores

It has more than 70 blue banner seashores with an extraordinary assortment of sandy to pebbly bays, and practically all offer a decent choice of bistros, eateries, and different families that each family may require. If you are in the mindset of doing some water sports, Gumbet may be an ideal choice for you that has parasailing, banana, and kayaking. 

Remember to crush in the Bodrum Castle and its recently revamped Underwater Archeology Museum that offers wonderful training on submerged life for young people.

Antalya: Discover the Mediterranean’s Wonders

Things To Do In Turkey On A Family Vacation
Boating Experience In Koprulu Canyon National Park

Antalya isn’t just an asylum for chain resorts, yet it tends to be a great base on the off chance that you might want to profit from the children club on certain days and break for an undertaking when wanted. It improves if you are traveling with more seasoned children or youngsters. 

Other than the absolute most favored blue banner seashores inside the objective, Lara is one of the top decisions. There is an aquarium in the downtown area. For experienced sweethearts, Koprulu Canyon National Park is the best thump in the country for boating.

Don’t Miss The Turkish Ice Cream Challenge

After tasting every sweet treat or lokum, taking an ice cream challenge can be a great experience you won’t want to miss. Detecting the frozen yogurt truck effectively at one of the well-known roads or destinations, you will see the frozen yogurt seller in his conventional dressing, ringing the ringer hanging down the truck with his long scoop. 

The Best Things About Turkey
The Legendary Ice Cream Challenge On The Streets Of Turkey

When you are in the line and prepared to get the scrumptious frozen yogurt made out of milk, mastic, and orchid tubers, you will appreciate the merchant’s stunts till you get the total piece. This is a customary and fun piece of the interaction that you should allow the children to appreciate the test.

Akyaka – Turkey’s First Cittaslow Town

If your family is keen on eco-accommodating occasions or on the off chance that you have not been to a sluggish city previously, Akyaka can be the destination for you. Situated on the south Aegean bank of Turkey, Akyaka was assigned a lethargic city by Cittaslow International in 2010. From that point forward, it has been one of the nation’s most visited towns out of other 17 towns enrolled as a lethargic city. 

The Best Tourist Attractions In Turkey
Akyaka – A Treat For Nature Lovers With Shallow Waters And Peaceful Air

It is home to some imperiled creatures and encompassed by various one-of-a-kind delights, simply resting by the Azmak River and getting a charge out of a lethargic town breakfast is beyond value! While Akyaka has an excellent seashore with completely clear shallow waters, Akcapinar Beach is additionally nearby, viewed as one of the focal points for kitesurfing. Sedir Island, also known as Cleopatra Beach, is another fascination known for its extraordinarily brilliant sand and its antiquated city of Cedrae.

Sazova – Science, Arts, and Culture Park in Eskisehir

Your upcoming Turkey tour with kids can turn into a lifetime memory if you can find time for the Sazova city. While the excellent blue palace may help you to remember Disney World, it is named “Fantasy Castle,” planned with eight delightful primary pinnacles addressing Turkish landmarks. As an option in contrast to numerous other road trips from Istanbul, Eskisehir can be reach with a speed train outing of 2.5 hours or a non-stop flight, which may take longer considering the air terminals’ appearance and takeoff times. 

Where To Go When Visiting Turkey With Family?
Sazova – Scientifically, Culturally, and Artistically Rich City

As the name suggests, the palace offers diverse fantasy topics that children can join and appreciate the pretend of their #1 character. There are different attractions in Sazova Park, for example, privateer transport, an aquarium, a science gallery, and numerous others that will keep your children interested the entire day.

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