Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey

Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey?; The Expert Guide!

There are many things to see and do in Turkey, which is an absolutely gorgeous country with a vibrant culture. Istanbul, the nation’s capital, is located on the border of Asia and Europe and is home to significant religious structures such as the Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, etc. The stunning coastline and the vibrant towns are just a few of Turkey’s many attractions. Turkey is undoubtedly impressive, but there are some security issues, too. Thus, it’s a good idea to keep these in mind if you wish to visit Turkey.

You will be required to observe local laws and customs even if some Turkish cities, like Istanbul, have a tendency to be a little more liberal. There are also a few minor issues with pickpocketing and small-time stealing. You can make the most of your trip to Turkey by being aware of potential dangers.

Things to Consider While Traveling Around Turkey

  • Turkey is renowned for being modest yet doesn’t have a rigid dress code. When visiting holy sites, always be sure to dress modestly by covering your shoulders, and knees, and covering your head.
  • Kissing each other on both cheeks when greeting one another is customary in Turkey. If someone you know welcomes you in this way, don’t be worried.
  • Warm autumns and springs alternate with hot summers and snowy, icy winters in Turkey, which has all four seasons. Dress seasonally suitable so you can be comfortable while traveling.
  • As, with any other travel destination, Turkey is relatively secure as long as you exercise standard caution. Keep priceless belongings at the hotel safe when on excursions or sightseeing.
  • Turkey is a country where the majority of people speak Turkish and only 20% of people can speak English well. Before departing, familiarize yourself with a few basic Turkish phrases and install a translation app.

Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey Nowadays?

While we always urge caution and sensible travel, especially in major cities, we think it is safe to visit Turkey. There are a few places you should really avoid visiting. There is no safe area within 10 km of the border of Syria. Diyarbakir is likewise prohibited. However, tourism is HUGE in Turkey. Big here means enormous. Turkey ranked as the sixth most popular travel destination worldwide in 2014. 

Is it safe to travel to Turkey in 2022? – The Other Tour

Making the nation secure for visitors is the government’s top priority. Turkey has a high rate of petty theft even though violent crime is uncommon there. As a result, on public transit, always have your bag fastened and right in front of you. Moreover, refrain from carrying valuables in your rear pockets.

Turkey’s Safety Compared To Other Countries

Speaking of security, traveling to Turkey is safe. Turkey ranks pretty highly in terms of safety when compared to other nations. Thus, we may conclude that traveling to Turkey is substantially safer. You may readily comprehend Turkey’s safety by using the comparisons I made between Turkey and other nations, which I used to provide safety information for traveling to Turkey. This safety manual’s material is current as of the time of authoring.

Countries Crime Index Safety Index
UK 46.62 53.39
Turkey 39.89 60.11
US 48.41 51.59
New Zealand 44.83 55.17
Canada 43.63 56.37

Turkey’s Safety And The Opinion Of Its Government

Turkey welcomed a record-breaking more than 51 million visitors in 2019, up 13.7% from the previous year. By adding additional locations to its famous travel destination list and putting out significant efforts to fulfill the target of hosting 75 million visitors by 2023, Turkey has significantly diversified its tourism industry. In order to ensure the safety of local and foreign tourists during the entire travel cycle, from entering the country to departing any port in Turkey, the Turkish government is delighted to share its Secure Tourism apps with the world.

Bottom Line

Turkey is generally safe, particularly if you stay in famous tourist attractions. Petty theft might cause you issues. However, you won’t likely suffer a significant injury. Do your homework in advance, stay away from areas where there are conflicts, and make yourself difficult to catch. If you follow these tips, you should have an amazing time in Turkey and experience all the wonderful culture, cuisine, and excitement that this exotic location has to offer. Want to take the expert’s service? Contact the best travel agency  that gives its services for many decades and gives priority to your needs and comfort. 

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