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Risen from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is the land of cities, ancient ruins and   contemporary culture. To splash around the mud baths of Dalyan and scramble around the volcanic rock of Goreme – you can visit gorgeous Turkey. Don’t forget to skip coffee, desserts, flowery Turkish delight, and achingly flaky baklava. And to let you taste all this, let Litso entertain you with the best turkey tour packages from Pakistan.

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Turkey Tour Package From Pakistan 2022

“The Cradle of civilization,” “The richness of diverse history,” and “Gateway between Modern Europe and modern Asia,” Dating back to around 10,000 years of history, home of various tribes made this Turk land crowd-pleasing around the Globe. 

You could hypnotize by experiencing the boutique hotels in the marvellous caves and enjoying the hot air balloon journey over the land of Cappadocia, mesmerize by the history of Greek-Roman in Ephesus, or you can bathe up on the crystal clear beach resorts alongside the Aegean Sea. The widely known places are the Hagia Sophia Mosque, an Aerial view of Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Safranbolu, and Pamukkale: The Cotton castle.

Book a best tour package 2022 with us to dredge out to conjugate the modern and ancient history of “versatile Turks”.Grab a tourist visa to a land of mixed diversity and tremendous places of versatile Turks.

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Turkey Tour Package For Vocations

Hagia Sophia: The Lavish Museum.

The richly lavish mosaics of Christianity and the inscription of Islam. It has 1000 years of history as the world’s biggest church in the world. Hagia Sophia( Aya Sofia) has spell bounding architecture of the Byzantine empire and has marvellous achievements. 

The place which is your first priority to visit in Turkey and in ottoman bulk has an enormous exterior which is rimmed with the beautiful minarets that include after Ottoman domination and the cavernous and frescoed interior structure has refined Constantinople`s power and energy. 

Kamal Ataturk secularized the mosque in 1934 and shifted it to the museum in 1935 after that in 1985 Hagia Sophia was designated as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan took a powerful decision to shift it back into a mosque. Turkey’s most attractive visiting place for tourists remains open for visitors and Islamic prayer offers are held immediately after the announcement of the President.

Ephesus: Colossal Monuments

Wander in the city of Colossal monuments and marble carpeted roads that is a famous city of the Mediterranean region, but with the passage of time, the larger monuments reflect Roman history with a blend of business centres.The sightseeing places particularly, The library of Celsus, The complex of Frescoed terraced houses, and the great theatre that implies the Ephesus during the Roman Empire. 

Topkapi Palace: Collections of Ottoman Empire 

The opulent, luxurious beyond boundaries, Topkapi palace would bring you the majestical history of the Sultans of the Ottoman Era, and an empire that would expand into Europe and come forward through the Middle East and Africa.The structure with enthusiastic work with the addition of extravagant decors could take you to the ancient Ottoman power base.

Explore the Imperial council building that is famous for Empire business while working for the Grand Vizier. The arms collections shown in the imperial treasury, the outstanding collections of paintings, and the splendid Hareem room that had been designed by the Ottoman Architect Sinan. The gardens around the building were the part of Royal Court but are presently open for the public that is tranquil -colored aside from the streets. 

Pamukkale: The Cotton Castle

The panoramic natural wonders that are worldly known, white travertines, tracks of Pamukkale cataracted down the slope that look like snowy land throughout the green landscapes. A mineral-rich thermal waterfall town has a Roman spa city, Hierapolis, ruins there a well-preserved theatre, and an antique pool famous for its submerged Roman Columns that resulted from the Earthquake.

When you wander with the view of the old theatre and remains of the city Agora, necropolis, and Grand gates, you must swim in the water in the unique water pool. To cater best memories came at dusk and wandered alongside a fall to the small town of Pamukkale.   

Safranbolu: The Outstanding Universal Value

The highly preserved town has photogenic attractions of skinny alleys stuffed with finely revitalized wooden and stone mansions(houses) that are classically famous for sweets and traditional crafts shops where you can pick up uncustomary souvenirs. The black seed region of northern Turkey that anciently known as the trade channel between Europe and Asia.

The fantastic city has included the old Carsi district which has cobbled stone streets that owned red-roofed ottoman houses, Cinci than 17th-century caravansaries has rooftop panoramic views, and Hamam that was restored as Bathhouse. It is a place famously known as Cukur. It has a triangular shape that covers two rivers. The market is surrounded by the workshops of various craftsmen and houses it resembles Anatolian Cities. Kiranmoy and Baglar (the vineyards). 

The place of non-Muslims implies the socio-architectural pattern that contrasts with the European towns where tradesmen and shopkeepers live there. the houses built in this area are made of stone that look parallel to the wooden houses in Cukur that define how Muslim and non-Muslim quarters were established during the Ottoman Empire that reflects the unlike communities in the area to the structure of Baglar included single story houses with gardens. 

Why Turkey Is Famous For Tourism?- Let’s Investigate!

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