How Much Does It Cost To Go From Pakistan To Turkey?

There are numerous reasons why you have to put visiting Turkey on your bucket list. Here is everything you need to know to prepare for travel to Turkey if you are having trouble finding out how to get a visa, make an itinerary, and how much the total cost of the tour is. Before your trip to Turkey, you should read this blog if you’re looking for “Turkey Tour Packages from Pakistan“!

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The Cost Of Traveling From Pakistan To Turkey

The procedure of applying for a visa is not as difficult as some people portray it to be. Here are a few things to be aware of while requesting a visa for Turkey.

Visa Fee From Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani citizen, the fee for a one-person visit visa is PKR 9,000, while the fee for a multiple-entry visa is PKR 36,000. But if you choose the latter, you must present a valid letter of invitation from a business or family member who lives in Turkey. When an application for a work visa is accepted, the applicant must pay an extra charge to the Turkish Embassy.

Additionally, those who have valid visas for the US, Ireland, UK,  or Schengen area can apply for an e-visa from Pakistan to Turkey.   Turkish Airlines customers are additionally entitled to a free 7-day passage visa whether they fly to the UK, US,  Ireland, or any other Schengen nation.

You can call the travel agency directly if you’re unsure about how to obtain travel insurance for Turkey. For a single application, Litso Travel and Tours charges a very low service cost. While you wait, you can pay a minimal fee to use their Premium Lounge, where a staff member will help you organize your documentation and complete the necessary forms. 

Visa Requirements

Here are the documents required to apply for a Turkey visit visa for Pakistani passport holders.

  • Flight reservation copy
  • NTN number
  • A properly completed visa application form
  • Two white backgrounds, 5X5 biometric pictures
  • A request letter that the applicant has completed
  • A passport that must be in force for at least six months 
  • Certificate of travel health insurance
  • Old and recently stamped page passport
  • Vaccination Certificate of Polio
  • Three months’ worth of bank statements
  • Three months’ worth of bank statements
  • Certificate of bank account maintenance.
  • Salary slips which are stamped and signed
  • A cover letter for a job, on corporate letterhead.
  • Hotel booking copy or invitation letter (if you intend to live at someone else’s house)
  • Family registration certificate from NADRA (if visiting Turkey with family)

Cost Of Accommodation

You can actually save money by staying at your place of residence. For as low as $8 USD a night, you can stay in a dorm at a hostel, or you can spend a lot of money on a five-star hotel in Antalya for $150 every night. Really, it’s up to you.

There are hotels that cost as much as $500 each night, but these are more appropriate for honeymoons and secluded getaways. You wouldn’t anticipate paying this much for a family or an average traveler (unless that’s what you’re looking for!).

Currency Cost in Turkey

Turkey’s official currency is the Turkish lira, abbreviated as TL and TRY. The current exchange rate is 1 TL = 26 PKR. However, certain accommodations and stores could also take euros. It is advised to merely bring a few lire for transportation and gratuities when visiting Turkey. The remainder of your money can be carried in US dollars, or euros, or exchanged at a reputable business in the city. Inquire about overseas transactions with your particular bank if you have a debit or credit card.

In Turkey, visitors are required to tip a porter between TL 4 and TL 5 for each bag, while the hotel’s housekeeping staff should receive between TL 7 max and min 5TL  per day. Furthermore, 5% to 10% of the total gratuity is required for workers at restaurants and cafes. 15% of the entire bill is required as a gratuity if you visit a Turkish bath, also known as a hammam.

Cost Of Turkey Attractions

The cost of trips might differ significantly based on the place you are in Turkey. Nevertheless, you may save money by organizing your own travel or by going to sights on your own. Or traveling on tours from adjacent towns and cities as opposed to departing from Istanbul.For instance, if you add flights, ground transportation, and an entrance ticket, a journey to Ephesus from Istanbul to Izmir will cost you $200. But if you add the cost of transportation and admission, the price from Izmir will be $35. While scheduling tours can save you time in organizing, they are typically more expensive than doing it yourself. It can occasionally be more expensive to make a reservation online than through a local tour operator, but it can also occasionally result in cost savings, depending on the trip and the season.

Before making reservations for attractions, we do advise doing some comparison shopping to get the most affordable option. Thankfully, a lot of activities in Istanbul are cost-free, including visiting mosques, parks, and famous sites like The Grand Bazaar. It costs nothing to explore each of the valleys in Cappadocia.

Tip-Purchasing an Istanbul Tourist Permit, a tourist pass that offers discounts at 75 sites in the city, is another way to save money on attractions.

Cost Of  Food and Beverages / Meals

The cuisine in Turkey is its best feature. It is one of the least expensive destinations to travel to because you can eat for little to nothing. Turkey’s typical lunch price ranges from $3 to $6 per person. If you add desserts and drinks which you should definitely do because Turkish desserts are delicious, you might pay up to $10. Istanbul’s street cuisine is frequently really affordable, but you need to exercise caution while eating the filled mussels because the cost can quickly rise. Stuffed mussels are often priced per mussel.

What Are The Services Of The Best Travel Agency?

Taking into account all the domains such as transportation accommodations, ticket handling, and other requirements, you must choose the best travel agency that not only provides you with the ideal and memorable tour package but also provides you with a variety of other facilities in accordance with your preferences and ease. As far as Litso traveling company is concerned, it is a top-class traveling agency that serves you with your preferences and choices at a reasonable price. Here is the detail of the services provided by Litso

Services Included

  • Excursion and Cultural Tour with SIC Guide
  • Private Transfer from Airport to Hotel
  • Cheap Domestic Flights
  • Everyday breakfast and lunch/dinner as scheduled
  • Ride on a hot air balloon if it’s part of the package
  • English Speaking Guide Services
  • Nights Spent at Four- or Five-Star Hotels

Services Excluded

  • Any extra refreshments or meal
  • Serious medication or Insurance liability
  • PCR or Visa or any other expenses of Document
  • Anything not specifically stated in the Service Included

Sample Itinerary of Turkey Istanbul Trip 2022

You might want to get the detail. Here we give you details that Litso Travel and Tour offer packages to Istanbul from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and all over Pakistan. Here is the sample itinerary for a 7-day trip to Turkey from Pakistan.

Day 1 Arrival at Cappadocia, Turkey
Day 2  Balloon ride early in the morning with visiting Green or Red City
Day 3 Tour of Antalya City from Cappadocia and Overnight Accommodation in Antalya.
Day 4  Travel from Antalya to Cappadocia through Konya and Spend the Night in Cappadocia
Day 5 Travel to Cappadocia City Tour, Cappadocia to the flight of Istanbul, Istanbul overnight
Day 6 Pakistan to Turkey cruise trip, spending the night in Istanbul
Day 7 Return to the home country.


To figure out how much it will cost to travel from Pakistan to Turkey, it all depends on you because Turkey is a popular travel destination with both expensive and inexpensive tourist attractions. However, using a travel agency may be the best practice for you. If you’re unsure which travel agency to choose, Litso Travel and Tours has been satisfying customers for many years. Being the top travel agency, it gives you a wide range of tour packages while still favoring options with extremely affordable pricing.

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