Azerbaijan Tour Package

330 PKR
1 Person
7 Days
If you want to explore a country with a cultural and urbanization mix, Azerbaijan is the best choice so far. Visiting from Pakistan is one of the most exotic yet economical countries to visit where you can enjoy art, culture, history, urbanization, and sandy beaches. There are several restaurants, spas, summer cottages, sanatorium bars, suites, villas, and nightlife sites along the picturesque shore to delight you totally. Do you really desire to see appealing natural views while on Baku vacations with expert travel packages? Baku is our second home and with us, you can enjoy all-inclusive holidays in Azerbaijan.

Things To Do On Azerbaijan Tour Package

Azerbaijan’s capital “Baku” is the world’s largest metropolis and the most popular undersea honeymoon destination. It is a Silk Road port city with a maze of alleyways, old structures, and castle remains like the Shirvanshah’s Palace and the Maiden’s Tower. Whether you are searching for Baku Honeymoon Packages or general Baku Holiday Packages,  we can offer the Best Tour Package for you. On your Baku Holidays, you can experience a classic example of how East and West collide; ancient civilization collides with modern. 

Historical And Cultural Sights In Baku Tour Package 

On your holiday to Baku Azerbaijan, you may revel in a combination of UNESCO World Heritage architectural and cultural treasures and the largest open-air museums with enough to view along with much more to explore. A holiday journey spans practically every area of the town and begins at the Gosha Gala Gap entry gate in Old Town. Bonus is that the other mesmerizing destination includes; The B. Maidan Tower – a representative of Baku’s old town, congregational Mosque, the National Museum, Baku oil boom architecture, Silvana Palace, and Ateshgah Fire Temple, and fun ticket are all included in this tour.

Azerbaijan Delicacies Tickle Taste Buds

Exploring more in the Azerbaijan tour package, with the wide range of culinary experiences with various local cuisines. There are several traditional bistros, modest western eateries, trendy cafés, caravanserais, chocolate stores, and steakhouses. Lavani, chicken, or fish packed with nuts, onions, and sumac are among the mouth-watering cuisine. The taste of a renowned Azerbaijani-flavored meal heightened. This will be quadrupled in flavor when cooked in a cylindrical clay Tandir oven to make delicious Tandir bread; additional meal dishes include kulcha, local lentils, and pumpkin pilaf. However, Vegetarians can avoid omelets and Kuku filled with onions and herbs. Therefore, they served with green beans and potatoes.

Gobustan, And Mosque Tour

The Gobustan Petroglyph Museum, which includes prehistoric rock sculptures and petroglyphs, is about 70 kilometers from the city. The ancients etched petroglyphs into caves and rock walls to represent the culture and economics of UNESCO World Heritage Azerbaijan and to show the perspectives of the inhabitants of ancient Azerbaijan. Throughout the tour, the tourist will enjoy the integrated fun of history, culture, and religion. Baku province has retained landmark history, ethnography, and architecture, all of which may be seen throughout your tour. Finally, pay a visit to the Bibi Hey Bat Mosque, which serves as the spiritual hub for Muslims. The surviving structure is a contemporary duplicate of the 13th-century Masjid, which was demolished by the Bolsheviks in 1936. It has a fascinating history of an old country.

Life-Changing Experiences In The Land Of Fire

Burning Hill Yanar Dag - one of the reasons why Azerbaijan is being called "the Land of Fire"

Yanar Dag, also known as Tierra del Fuego, is a location of flaming mountains that must enchant visitors with their brilliant bright flames in the hills. The panoramic vista is “holy” to locals and ancient Azerbaijanis. Mountain flames burn regardless of the weather, making the residents feel spiritually bonded. Residents and travelers from India and Iran regard Rural Fire as a spiritual pilgrimage place. At night, the 10-meter-high firewall provides the most stunning views. Mountain Yardage’s flame burns consistently and is immune to liquids and muck. This is the most stunning and appealing thing you will ever see. 

So, if you are really up for a kickstart to your daily routine, it is the right time to book Baku Azerbaijan Vacations. And you don’t have to worry about Lahore to Baku flights ticket prices or other expenses, the packages are all-inclusive and value-effective. So pack your bags and plan for the pictures and videos you are going to take on the tour!

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