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Azerbaijan(Baku tourism) is a region of outstanding Natural beauty. Drench by the Caspian sea and connector between Asia and Europe. Glorious spurs and regs cut down in the majestic mountain streams. The young nation of Azerbaijan is home to numerous ancient cultures, people, and empires. The remarkably conserved UNESCO- listed ancient city holds several medieval monuments within its cannon-protected walls. While visiting Azerbaijan(Baku tourism), you will explore unique traditional dishes, marvelous cuisines, and eye-catching attractions due to its broken replacement, drainage patterns, climatic differences, and attitudinal zoning of vegetation. a wide variety of landscapes characterized in Azerbaijan. 

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Best Azerbaijan (Baku) Tour Package 2022 

Bilgah Beach” “Hotel Amburan Beach”, “Dalga Beach Aqua Park”, “Sea Breeze”, and “Sandy beaches of Absheron Peninsula” are summer attractions that enchant travelers to dredge out comfort and leisure by coming here. When summer hots up in Azerbaijan, locals migrated towards these sides. The captivating sea coastlines have a range of restaurants, spas, summer houses, sanatorium bars, suites, villas, and even a nightclub that soothes you perfectly. Would you experience the irresistible appealing natural sights during your vacation with the guidance of a tour package for vocations? Its capital “BAKU” is the largest city in the world, the most visited destination for honeymoon tours located below sea level; a silk road port city is a maze of alleys, historical buildings, and remnant fortifications, including the Palace of Shirvanshahs and Maiden Tower. It is the best example of the east meeting the west, Old civilization meeting new civilization. With its contrast of ancient fortressed city and fabulous modern architecture. 

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Historical And Cultural Sights In Baku Trip

You could indulge in the combo of UNESCO World-heritage architecture with Cultural sights by landing in spectacular Azerbaijan and there is almost an open-air museum with many sights to see. The holiday excursion has encompassed virtually all parts of the home state that will begin at the entrance gates to Gosha Gala Gaps in the old city. In this tour, you will get during city travel, such as The Maidan Tower, Juma Mosque, National Art Museum, Baku oil boom architecture, Shirvansah`s palace, and Ateshgah fire temple along with a Fun ticket.

Tickle Taste Buds With Azerbaijan Delicacies

Baku offers diverse gastronomical experiences with varieties of local delicacies. Here are plenty of traditional bistros, flavourful western-style restaurants, contemporary cafes, caravanserais, chocolate shops, and steakhouses.The most famous Azerbaijan aroma dish is Lavangi, which is made of chicken or fish stuffed with nuts, onions, and sumakh and cooked in the cylindrical tandir oven made of clay that is locally used to bake tasty tandir bread. The other dishes are Kulchas, local lentils, pumpkin pilafs, and Turshu kabab. These do not end as vegetarians would enjoy the Omelet filled with onions and herbs and Kuku. Nakhchivan cuisine is packed with fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and lamb and Lamb Stew, Qovurma shorbasi, served with beans and potatoes. 

Gobustan, and Mosque Tour

Gobustan museum of Petroglyphs is far away just 70 kilometers from the Capital, where you saw prehistoric rock drawings or petroglyphs. Petroglyphs carved by old men on walls of caves and rocks reflect the culture and economy of UNESCO world heritage Azerbaijan and show the outlook of ancient Azeri people..Baku state reserves ancient history, ethnography, and architecture that you can visit during your tour. Lastly, visit the spiritual center for the Muslims which is the Bibi Hey Bat Mosque. The existing structure is a modern recreation of the masjid built in the 13th century and destroyed in 1936 by the bolsheviks. has a great history of ancient Country. 

A Life-Taking Experience In The Land Of  Fire 

Yanar dag or fire land is a place that has burning mountains that must hypnotize tourists with brilliant sparkling fire on the hilly surface. The amplified view is something “Sacred” for locals and the ancient people of Azerbaijan.The fire of the mountain in spite of weather conditions that`s why locals connected with it spiritually. The fire on the land is regarded as a place of holy pilgrimage not only for inhabitants but also for visitors belonging to India and Iran. The 10-meter wall of fire creates the most spectacular view at night. There is no seepage of liquid or mud at Mountain yardage and its flames burn steadily. That is the most fabulous and fascinating thing that can be seen nowhere else.                                           

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