Nankana Sahib Ji – The Preaching House Of Sikh’s First Guru; Guru Nanak Mecca Of Sikhs, And The Center Of All Sikh Pilgrimage Practices – Lying In The Heart Of Punjab – La


Pakistan is rich in culture and religious tourism, and along with many others, it’s proud to have around 80% of Holy Sikh Shrines and Sikh Heritage in its lap. Lahore is the Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Janam Asthaan and hosts enormous Gurdwara yatra tours to Sikh heritage sites, including Nankana Sahib Ji, Kartarpur, and many more.   


As it’s nearly impossible to travel to the holy land of Nankana Sahib Ji without proper assistance and guidance, Litso Travel & Tours feels proud to announce fully facilitated and tailored yatra tour packages for our Sikh brothers and sisters. 


Yatra Tourist Sites In Punjab, Pakistan

As a token of love and a gesture of peace, we are announcing Nankana Sahib Yatra Tours where you can visit: 

  • Shahid Ganj Bhai Taru Singh
  • Gurdwara Sacha Sauda Sahib
  • Samadh Maharaja Ranjit Singh
  • Gurdwara Shahid Ganj Sighnian
  • Parkash Asthan Sri Guru Ram Das Ji
  • Gurdwara Punja sahab Hassan Abdal
  • Gurdwara Janam Asthaan Nankana Sahib
  • Gurdwara Janam Asthan Sri Guru Ram Das
  • Gurdwara Dehra Sahib Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji 
  • Gurdwara Rohri Sahib & Gurdwara Chakki Sahib


All these destinations are the pillars of the Sikh Pilgrimage Tour To Pakistan, and you can surely keep them on your list on your next Sikh Yatra Tour To Pakistan. Regardless of the tour plan you choose, you can pay visits to plenty of other small Gurdwaras heartily and, not to forget, Hazrat Mian Mir Sahab to pay tribute to the tale of a Sikh and a Sufi who are the beacons of light and peace across religions. 


Why Choose Litso Travel & Tours


We, at Litso Travels, work beyond the cold walls of professionalism and materialism. For us, every pilgrimage is as divine as any other, and it should always be supported beyond borders. We are currently making happy clients from all over the world and establishing good global connections.   

We are also actively contributing to Sikh Religious Tourism and thus are offering the easiest facilitation of Yatra Visa to call yatree as tourists to Pakistan. It’s evident that the development of Sikh religious tours has always been impressive, and Pakistani’s share a special bond with their Sikh fellows regardless of where they are from. And at Litso, we are just adding more sweetness to it.

Words By Project Head - Mr. Malik Aun Abbas

“At Litso Travels, I’m proud of heading and offering Sikh Gurdwaras Yatra Tours for our Sikh Community globally. I believe that this project can prove to be pivotal for improving the overall Sikh pilgrimage to Pakistan. I’ve always been on a mission to make these holy yatras quite affordable for Sikhs of all races. Likewise, I feel pleasure in offering this tributary Seva for the Punj-Aab’s sons and their families away from their holy land. Supporting Sikh Tourism, we are a registered traveling agency by the Government of Pakistan – Department of Touristic Services, lic#8434. With the cooperation of Evacuee Trust Property Board, Government Of Pakistan – EPTB, and National Tourism Coordination Board – NTCB, I heartily welcome Sikh pilgrims to Punjab, Pakistan for now and always – Jee Aya’n Nu!!

You can be a part of our big pilgrimage groups ranging 4-200 in size, or you can plan customized family yatra tours with us. Adding more to the facility, you can choose the price package right in your budget! 


From pickup to drop-off and airport to airport, Litso will take care of all your inclusive and humanly needs. We also provide an expert Guide for your tours along with necessary security to make your yatra as safe and as memorable as possible. Visit Guru Nanak Dev Gee, feel like home, and you can also visit your ancestral homes – what a great deal to be in Pakistan!  


You Might Have Concerns Regarding Security Situation of Pakistan, and That’s Pretty Natural – Read “Is Pakistan Safe For Sikh Community?” and Let Your Fears Disappear!

"Gurpurab Nankana Sahib Ji Yatra"

Gurpurab – ‘the day of Guru’ is around the corner! 

Puranmashi of Kartik is about to hit the calendar and it’s the happy time to plan for Gurpurab Nankana Sahib Ji Yatra. We are proud to host you for the Gurpurab Festival. where you can take out Prabhat Pheris, sing Katha or hymns, and perform Akhand Path or reading Guru Granth Sahib under the serenity of Nishan Sahib to take a deep dive into the eternal spirituality. 


Guru Nanak Gurpurab Sikh Pilgrimage, 2021   


Spend the eve of Gurpurab at the Janam Asthaan of Guru Nanak and carry out the Guru Nanak Jayanti with all its colors, rituals, and meanings. Explore the charms of the  Gurpurab celebration and festivity at Nankana Sahib Ji this time and plan your tour with the best travel agency in Lahore for Gurpurab Festival. 


Why Choose Us   


We are a renowned travel agency in Lahore for Gurpurab Festival and know exactly what should be done to treat the yatree with the best. You can book either for luxurious yatra tour packages or go with tailor-made yatra tour packages as per your convenience. 

You can also customize your yatra to be a fun-filled exotic tour to Pakistan by adding some of the most scenic northern tour destinations to your package. Check out Pakistan’s Top 10 Tour Destinations to make a quick decision.  

Keep digging for all the details for Nankana Sahib Yatra 2021 ticket and tours! 


Detailed Tour Itinerary 


Do not worry about current visa policies, and let us do the things for you. As per your budget, you can choose from;


  • Cost-effective Yatra Tour Package

  • Premium Yatra Tour Packages

  • Luxurious Yatra Tour Package 


The proper itinerary, included services, duration, and the areas to visit, entirely depends on the package you choose. But for sure, you won’t have to worry about anything – Air Conditioned Transport, Comfortable Accommodation, All-Inclusive Deluxe Bed Rooms, All Vegetarian Meals, Necessary Security, and A Doctor on call. 


Who Can Apply For The Yatra 


All the Sikh Yatree or tourists from the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Thailand, Australia, and other European or Gulf countries can contact via contact details provided below. 

Looking for the best travel agency in Lahore offering Gurpurab Nankana Sahib Yatra? Look no further, fill the form below, and book with us. Happy Gurpuruab!


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