Is SereneAir Is Best For Traveling In Pakistan? Crack How And Why

There is no second opinion that Pakistan has got a long list of magnificent places to live, travel, and visit. No matter how you travel, the more curious you become. Well, the joy of traveling becomes double if you have a reliable, cost-effective, and comfortable airline, such as SereneAir.

If you are in Pakistan and eager to travel to any city, it is hard to find another dependable travel agency than SereneAir.

This growing travel agency in Pakistan has won many satisfied customers. Do you want to explore more about SereneAir? Are you looking forward to why it is the best travel agency in Lahore? What are its basic packages? If yes, then you need to stay along with us!

Why SereneAir Is a Leading Airline?

The SereneAir Company plays a crucial role in offering transport services and promoting tourism. This top travel agency in Pakistan allows you to travel quickly from one location to another with less time consumption. Currently, over 5000 airlines are functioning globally, while in Pakistan, about the four biggest airlines are operating, and SereneAir is one of them.

An Inspiring History Of SereneAir

SereneAir, a reliable travel agency in Lahore, was incorporated in May 2016 but started its flight services in 2017. Since 2017 January, SereneAir has kept growing and has never looked back. Delightfully, SereneAir also launched international flight services on March 16th, 2021.

The company gave tough competition to all other experienced travel agents in Pakistan. The journey of success continued, and SereneAir bagged the ‘Brand of the Year 2020’ award in 2020, which is literally a ‘wow’ deal!

The first international flight of Serene Airline was operated on March 16th, 2021, to Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates.

Air Ticket Prices Of Serene Airline

The ticket price of Serene is pretty less than other Top travel agents in Pakistan, and it ranges from destination to destination. Generally, the Serene domestic flight’s price ranges from 6,000 PKR to 15,000 PKR, while international destinations range from 20,000 to 30,000 PKR.

What Features Make SereneAir Unique?

Like all other most significant and professional airlines, SereneAir also facilitates its customers with extraordinary services. Below are the primary services that have been set for the passengers or customers by SereneAir:

●       Serene Plus

Serene Plus is the Serene Airline’s business class. This Serene Plus class comforts the passengers and provides them with a home-like experience.

Exquisite cuisine, spacious recliner seats, and Avant-grand amnesties are offered to the passengers, making it unique from other classes.

●       On-Time Performance

Punctuality is the absolute key to winning the customers’ trust. Many airlines in Pakistan had lost their trust due to late arrivals and take-off. SereneAir has gained the passengers’ trust by presenting 98.8% on-time performance. SereneAir aims to ensure the on-time passage of the customers with all the quality and comforts.

●       Baggage Allowance

To present a more relaxing and relieving journey, SereneAir permits checked-in-baggage subsidies to 40 kg to its customers. However, the dimension of the baggage should not exceed 54 inches. Hand carry is also permitted, but its weight should be about 7 kg in total.

●       Different Menus

Regardless of how delicious food is, getting the same meal on every flight is entirely a boring thing.

Due to such minor things, the company loses its inclination the next time. Well, SereneAir keeps customer satisfaction at priority and surprises them by offering different menus every day.

●       Sky Interior

Another main thing among SereneAir’s services is that it delivers an exquisite traveling and flight experience with its impressive interior.

Moreover, new sidewalls, new passenger service units, narrow-body aircraft, and LED mood lighting are ways of offering a wonderful flight experience to the customers.

What Exclusive Service SereneAir Provides To Its Customers?

SereneAir cares for its valued customers and provides them with a special baggage allowance. This allowance applies to passengers traveling in the Serene plus cabin or economy class—passengers can travel with a maximum of two pieces, and each luggage piece can be up to 32kgs. Moreover, the Serene Airline lets its passengers carry a maximum of four check-in baggage having 80kgs weight, and one piece of luggage cannot surpass 32kgs.

Major Routes Of Serene Airline

Below is the list of SereneAir destinations; you can crack it to make your booking easier!

Domestic Destinations International Destinations
Faisalabad Dubai
Islamabad Sharjah

LITSO Can Serve You In Getting SereneAir Update

If you want to buy or book a SereneAir ticket for travel, LITSO invites you to get the latest air ticket prices and updates about SereneAir by calling us. The professional team of LITSO can provide you with the latest updates about the other biggest airlines of Pakistan. Indeed, LITSO has made local and international booking far easy!

Note: SereneAir has different phone numbers for every office; for Lahore, it is 042-35817115-116-117.

 So go ahead, either you can contact LITSO for an update or the SereneAir travel agency website for booking your next domestic and international travel. The Serene Airline and beautiful sights are looking forward to you!

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