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What Are The Activities To Do On Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

Imagine a breathtaking sunset with dazzling yellows, reds, and even a trace of pink snaking through. You are in wonder at the desert’s natural splendor as the sun’s rays gently fall over an unending stretch of golden sands. Despite popular belief, experiencing a desert is a distinct pleasure in and of itself; it doesn’t pale in comparison to the mountains or the sea. Create lifelong memories by taking part in a variety of unique and captivating activities. The stunning Desert Safari Dubai tour provides something for everyone, whether they want to race over the sands in a Dune Buggy, slide through the sand, or take a leisurely Camel Ride.

Why Go On Dubai Desert Safari?

Rich Arabian Culture Spending your nights full of amusement must engage you in the Arabian tradition and culture.
Sandy Landscape Learn more about desert creatures as you discover the lovely sandy environment.
Desert Camps Wake up to a stunning dawn over the desert after a night spent sleeping beneath the stars in a desert camp.
Stunning Views Witness the way the sun reflects off the beautiful sand to capture breathtaking images that are on par with desktop screensavers.
Delicious Cuisine Enjoy mouthwatering Arabian cuisine, including Gahwa, Rogag, Gaymat, and more, in addition to an unlimited BBQ.

Activities To Do On Desert Safari Dubai 

Things to do in Desert Safari Dubai - Desert Safari Dubai

The capital of the UAE, Dubai, is dubbed the most opulent city on the Persian Gulf with good reason. A desert safari in Dubai stands a cut above the rest despite boasting a brilliant cityscape, an exotic atmosphere, and filthy-rich activities. There are a plethora of romantic lodging and fun activities in the middle of the desert if you’re planning on enjoying a day exploring the vast Arabian desert. Choose your top Dubai Desert Safari experiences and make the most of them!

Dune Buggy

A Dune Buggy would be exhilarating if you consider dune-bashing thrilling. You can ride a strong beast with cutting-edge safety features in addition to its fantastic horsepower. You’ll get all the safety advice from a knowledgeable guide before you embark on your off-roading experience. Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome to use this sand car, and you don’t even need a driver’s license!

Camel Riding

In Desert Safari, you can take it a little slower and observe the sunset after the more daring dune buggy ride before boarding a camel. As you continue your exploration of the Dubai desert, the camel will just be your steadfast steed, but this time the pace will be a little slower and more leisurely. Another fun thing to explore and enjoy is Dubai Desert Safari.

Sunrise And Sunsets

You’ve probably seen a lot of screensavers and wallpapers with stunning panoramas of dunes. Imagine now that you are in any of these photos! Watching the dawn or sunrise in the Desert of Dubai should surely be on your travel bucket list because the sun’s rays reflect exquisitely off the golden dunes. Drive across the sands while admiring the changing colors of the sky, or take a posture for some expert photos instead!

Desert Wildlife

There are many different types of animals and plants that live in the desert, and it can often be challenging to recognize them. You can learn much about the nature that survives in the desert with the help of a knowledgeable guide. Visit a camel spot, take in falconry demonstrations, or get up close and personal with other creatures in the desert. Observe camel feeding as learning about the various conservation strategies employed to safeguard desert species. 


In the desert, the night is just as exciting as the day since there are so many live performances to enjoy. You can savor a mouthwatering barbeque lunch while admiring performers put on breathtaking Tanoura, fire dancing, Nashaat, and many more shows. You can also order a classic Shisha pot in a variety of tastes and, if you’re feeling very artistic, you can drown yourself in lovely Henna paintings. 


The risky sport of Dubai sandboarding is not recommended for the timid. Because placing yourself there is just a dangerous and thrilling adventure to explore. Step out onto the Desert of Dubai’s magnificent dunes while wearing your gear. With a board that has been carefully made for sandboarding, you may easily glide and slide across the hills of the stunning Arabian desert by having it attached to your feet. The entire year can be spent engaging in this activity, which is perfectly safe. The icing on the cake? It is a solitary activity that does not call for tandem support. 

Things To Consider in Dubai Tour

  • Just take a light meal before going if you don’t want to spoil the adventure
  • A minimum of 24 hours before your desert excursion, you must make a reservation.
  • Safari adventures are not permitted for kids younger than two
  • Entertainment programming wouldn’t offer during Ramadan or any Islamic holiday
  • Pregnant women, and individuals having heart, neck, or back strains are not suggested


Sand dune riding is a really unique experience, making it a must-visit location for anybody traveling to Dubai from Pakistan. From a distance, you can also see the lit-up camp and the Arabs who are ready to welcome you, feed you a delectable dinner, entertain you with belly dance, and engage in many other activities. Not sure where to go? Simply pick up the phone and call best dubai tour packages providers, which has been offering their services for many years while catering to your preferences and giving your needs top priority.

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