Safe And Secure Tour To Pakistan

Safe And Secure Tour To Pakistan-The Supreme Guide!

Pakistan is now not well understood, although this is beginning to change. At a time when individuals are still unsure of what Pakistan has to offer, why they would travel there, or whether it is safe, I’m thrilled that I loved visiting Pakistan. Pakistan is finally opening to tourism and many top travel tours provide their services to draw tourists from all over the world. I had an incredible experience traveling around Pakistan—better than I might have anticipated. To share with you the travel tips to Pakistan and information I learned while there, I decided to publish this blog on Pakistan’s safety and tourism.

Safety In Pakistan And Foreign Visitors

Pakistan is presently safe for vacationers of all genders, so go there if you like. This may be the key factor in why so many visitors from around the world choose the services of a reputable travel agency to make their trip to Pakistan more enjoyable. Although many areas of Pakistan are now secure for both people and visitors following years of conflict with terrorism and violence, there remain security concerns in the country’s more distant regions which are without a doubt, going to dissolve at the current time. As with any trip, you should study the destination thoroughly before booking your travel.

Pakistan’s Safety Index 

It is simple to believe that Pakistan’s tourism has grown by 317% in 2014, as reported by Dawn, Pakistan’s most respected daily. This is especially true considering the large number of tourism influencers as well as media companies who have recently promoted tourism in Pakistan. Right now, everything is good, and international visitors can freely travel around the entire nation. However, the government is attempting to address some security measures. Approximately 1.9 million foreign visitors came to Pakistan in 2018, and that number is expected to increase by 2023. Pakistan has a relatively high safety rating when compared to other nations in terms of security.

Country Crime Rate
UK 79.52
Honduras 36.3
USA 16.5
Cabe Verde 6.48
Mongolia 5.98
Tunisia 4.76
Pakistan 3.84

Most Visited Tourist Attractions In Pakistan

One such nation that enjoys all of nature’s blessings is Pakistan. Everything here is spectacularly beautiful, whether it be the hills or highlands, rivers or beautiful valleys, lakes or oceans, lush green plains, or powerful deserts. It is a naturally beautiful country with traditional foods for festivals and historical sites to see Pakistan. People traveled from around the world to visit this ideal location. From adventurous and archaeological locations to historical and heritage sites, Pakistan is home to several of the best tourist attractions.


Collapses in beautiful Gilgit Baltistan, Hunza is the primary and foremost tourist attraction in Pakistan. The Hunza Valley, which can be found in Gilgit Baltistan, is one of Pakistan’s best-kept secrets. Between the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges is this remote valley. This is among the top destinations for travelers from around the world. In this valley, you will find beautiful vistas as well as nice and welcoming people.

Swat Valley

Despite its tragic past, the current state of Swat Valley is rather optimistic. This breathtaking valley in Pakistan’s province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has a fairytale-like quality. This valley, which is among the most stunning destinations to visit in Pakistan, has fantastic weather and hospitable residents. Hiking, backpacking, trekking, or just taking in the scenery are all options for tourists.

Badshahi Mosque

The Badshahi Mosque, which was first constructed in the 1670s, is a reminder of the Mughal Dynasty. With three domes, four minarets, and forming a courtyard, this mosque in Lahore is an excellent example of Mughal architecture. All twelve months of the year, with the exception of June and July, which are the hottest, are open for visitors to the monument.

Safe And Secure Tour To Pakistan


The fairytale destination, Skardu is among the sights that can be seen in Pakistan’s furthest northern point. The preferred location for hikers and trekkers is Skardu. You will find many lovely and endearing locations in the Khaplu Valley, and its impressively curving walkways are lined with tall trees. The gorgeous Kachura Lake and the drifting Indus River, which are situated between two enormous giants, are particularly eager to captivate you with their bright allure. 

Azad Kashmir

Without question, Kashmir is at the top of the rankings in attracting foreign tourists due to its fantastic weather all year long. Azad Kashmir does not have to describe it when talking about its breathtaking beauty. In a unique way, the Neelum Valley’s blue gems are packed with 12 lovely valleys, waterfalls, and lush light green. The valley is also surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, lush vegetation, and high mountains. It serves as the resort’s hub. There is a great deal of beauty, universal greatness, and a vibrant culture everywhere.


The worthwhile Gilgit, which is a part of the Gilgit Baltistan area, is undoubtedly not a picture-postcard town. It exudes the gloomy impression of being cut away from the remainder of the world due to its surrounding bleak mountains. However, the historic trade networks between the subcontinent and China have prospered since the building of the Kunjarab Pass and the Highway of Karakoram, resulting in a bustling bazaar filled with unusual items, creatures, and individuals.

Safe And Secure Tour To Pakistan

Things To Consider While Visiting Pakistan

  • Take copies of documentation with you.
  • Never forget to bargain at shops
  • Keep cash on you at all times.
  • Be ready and pack appropriately.
  • Keep in mind cultural sensitivity
  • Learn some phrases in Urdu.

Bottom Line

We think Pakistan is a fantastic country, and you’ll agree with us. All you are required to do is unwind and take it all in. You can only truly comprehend Pakistanis are among the friendliest individuals in the world by going there and experiencing it for yourself. Pakistan won’t let you down, we bet. So don’t think further, just pick up the services of the best travel company and placed yourself where the eye-soothing and fantabulous places waiting for you.

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