PIA Reveals Private Hajj Fares For 2023; Here’s What You Need To Know

Every year, the Hajj pilgrimage gathers millions of Muslims from all over the world to Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca. Pakistani pilgrims can now plan their journey well in advance thanks to Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) recent announcement of the private Hajj tickets for the year 2023. 

PIA Releases 2023 Private Hajj Fares And The Most Recent Information

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) announced the 2023 hajj flight schedule and private hajj rates on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Participants on the private Hajj program must pay between $870 and $1,180, with all fare payments made in Pakistani rupees. From $910 to $1,220 will be the fee for pilgrims traveling from the northern part of the country, which includes Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, and other cities.

Operations For The Hajj

The Hajj will take place from May 21 through August 2, 2023. A 90-day visa ticket for Khadimul Hujjaj and a 60-day visa ticket for pilgrims have both been given by the PIA administration. The PIA established Hajj operating fares keeping in mind both the north and south regions. From May 21 to August 2, Pakistani citizens can fly to Jeddah and Madinah for the Hajj. Executive and economy class pilgrims are permitted to bring 46 kg of luggage and 7 kg of hand luggage.

Meeting With The Minister Of Religious Affairs

The Hajj Policy 2023, the sponsorship program, the payment of foreign currency in Saudi Arabia, and the Fata reforms were all topics of conversation during a meeting on Saturday between Minister for Religious Affairs Mufti Abdul Shakoor and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. According to him, half of the sponsorship quota for the Hajj scheme will be set aside, with the remaining half going to anyone planning to perform the Hajj via the regular or private Hajj scheme.

Special Quota For Foreign Currency Deposits

According to a decision made last week by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, pilgrims who pay their fees in US dollars will receive a special 25% allocation under the government’s Hajj Scheme and will not be subject to voting under the new Hajj regulations. According to the ministry, the ‘Sponsorship Scheme’, which was implemented in response to the country’s ongoing foreign exchange crisis, will help roughly 22,400 pilgrims.

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Hajj Quota Increase For Private Operators

The Hajj quota for private companies has increased from 40 to 50 percent, and it may be boosted further, according to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. From May 21 through August 2, the national airline will continue to operate Hajj flights, carrying more than 38,000 pilgrims. Through Saudi planes and two private planes that fly from the remainder of Pakistan, about 44,000 pilgrims will go to the Hijaz. With regard to its Hajj flight operations to Jeddah and Madina, PIA will deploy Boeing 777 and Airbus 320.

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