Japan Tour Package

1 Person
7 Days

In the Land of the Rising Sun, ancient temples sit alongside neon wonderlands and Shinto shrines offer pockets of peace amid metropolises. Add tea ceremonies, snow monkeys, sushi, kimonos, and karaoke to the mix, and you’ve got one of the world’s most fascinating Countries. the country is extremely clean with canned food restaurants. While visiting Ajapn you can find high-class life expectancy. One of the beautiful factors of  Japan is close to nature. The world-famous cuisines abound tourists and indulge them in extraordinary tastes and perilous flavors such as Sushi, Tempura, Soba,  and Japanese Curry.

 Services Included

  • International Air Travel
  • Tourist Visa Processing
  • Entrance to the Sightseeing Places
  • Accommodation in 3 to 5* Properties
  • Quality Meals & Airport Transportation
  • Professional English-Speaking Guide

Services Excluded

  • Baggage Protection Insurance
  • Tourism Tickets and City Taxes
  • Any Kind of Personal Expense
  • Meals & Drinks Not Mentioned
  • Anything not mentioned to be included
  • Gratitudes & Tipping to Drivers and Guides

Japan Tour Package From Pakistan

A country with mysterious land with perfect Juxtaposition of old traditions including cutting edge technologies. When you come the first time you would surprise the land is one of the most advanced industrialized countries, a relatively small Asian country with rich and fascinating history coming from thousand of years age. The enriched tradition that preserves from natural disasters and wars made Japan a memorable destination for tourists. The top attractions and adorable islands in Japan make it certainly a worth visiting place.

Mount Fauji

The UNESCO  world heritage icon place welcomes tourists around the globe. A world-recognized country with cultural significance in 2013. More than Millions of mountain climbers climb during summer and pay homage as pilgrimage and experience the early sunrise from the vertex. The highest mountain peak has 3,776 m of large flat landscapes to the south and east. With the comfort of a high-speed train, you can simply view the mountain from distance like 100 kilometers away.

Osaka Castle

The huge five-story, 42-meter-tall tower was built on a 14-meter tall stone base. To observe the mind-blowing views from Osaka anyone can visit the top floor, especially watch the sunset sightseeing views. The Osaka park stands Hokoku Shrine and Shitenno-Ji that are worth visiting would date back to AD 59. Both are best-known temples specially Shitenno-Ji temple notable as the first Buddhist temple in the world. Among them is Kondo (Golden Pavilion) with beautiful statues and paintings and the lecture hall (Kodo) and a fantastically covered corridor linking three side gates.

The Imperial Tokyo

The most famous and significant Palace with gorgeous 17th-century parks  covered by walls and moats.when you visit the capital. Don’t forget that majority of palaces are closed to the public and still live imperial families there. Visitors can put step into the East Higashi-Gyoen Garden and many other areas that offer romantic views and the most beautiful view can catch from the Nijubashi Bridge which is known as the “Double Bridge” name due to the Watery reflection.

The Itsukushima Miyajima (island Shrine)

The island of Miyajima is famous for the shrine island that exists in Hiroshima bay. A Shinto temple is dedicated to the Prince’s daughters of the Wind God Susanoo. you would reach there by Ferry and experience the eight-century history and culture. The amazing fact about the island, the majority of shrines and buildings rise out of water supported by piles and a beautiful floating gate (o- Torii).

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